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Sevruga, an exceptional caviar

The eggs of Sevruga caviar are small and their colour can range from light grey to charcoal grey. They're very delicate and soft and look just like pearls.

The texture melts almost instantly and is followed by a full-bodied onset of flavours that are reminiscent of the sea. Complex notes of butter and hazelnut, as well as a creamy thickness, are its defining characteristics.

The starry sturgeon or Acipenser stellatus

In the Golden Age of Wild fishing in the Caspian Sea, the starry sturgeon (Acipenser stellatus) was the most common sturgeon to be found, and Sevruga caviar was the most widespread.

The first farmed Sevruga caviar appeared in 2011 but its production remained confidential. It's only in 2019, after years of research and development, that Petrossian initiated the major comeback of Sevruga caviar with a unique melting texture, christened Steluga®.

The sturgeon Acipenser stellatus


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