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Beluga Royal, Impérial and Spécial Réserve: the ultimate caviar

Beluga caviar is easily recognisable thanks to its characteristically large, pearly-grey eggs. On the palate, it is sumptuously creamy. The first impression in the mouth is robust and briny, yet perfectly balanced with delicate texture and buttery flavour. Beluga caviar is unique because of the finish that lasts and lasts, which is what gives so much character to its refined aromas. In the Spécial Réserve selection, Beluga has a silky, elegant flavour that is extremely complex. The finish is so long and intense that the smoothness is soon followed by subtle notes of hazelnut and a symphony of flavours. It's truly majestic!

Beluga, the largest freshwater fish

A majestic and extremely rare fish, the Huso huso sturgeon (Beluga) can easily grow up to four metres long in its natural habitat, especially in the Caspian Sea. Our prestigious Beluga Huso huso caviar is the fruit of several long years of work by a few passionate professionals and is now only raised in the Danube Valley.

The sturgeon Beluga or huso huso


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