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The latest arrival in our range of caviars

Daurenki® caviar is a beautiful caviar with large, luminous eggs that range from bronze to golden in colour. The texture is very firm, in contrast to its gentle flavour. Whichever one you choose, this magnificent caviar has been a resounding success with the customers in our boutiques. Discover this exciting caviar with your friends and family.

The two Amur River sturgeons

In the Amur River, on the border between China and Russia, two different types of Sturgeon, Huso dauricus (the cousin of Beluga Huso huso) and Acipenser schrenki (the cousin of Ossetra Acipenser gueldenstadtii) met and bred naturally. The sturgeons that are the fruit of this natural union are raised in the region of Shanghai. They produce Daurenki® caviar, made famous by Petrossian thanks to our unique savoir-faire.

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