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A sweet and fruity caviar

Baeri Baïka® caviar eggs are smaller and darker than the other caviars on offer. Generally speaking, it has a very pure flavour, highlighted by a dominantly briny taste. The very delicate texture of the Baeri Baïka® Royal caviar is made up of small yet soft eggs that are dark brown in colour. On the palate, its pure flavour opens our taste buds up to a dominantly briny taste, after which we can savour subtle mineral notes. In the Tsar Impérial selection, Baeri Baïka® ranges from dark grey to black. The first impression in the mouth is very rich, and quickly gives way to dominantly woody notes and a harmony of fruit and seafood.

The Siberian sturgeon

The Acipenser baeri sturgeon originated in Siberia. In the 1980s, it was used as a reference for studying sturgeon farming. Petrossian has featured this caviar in their catalogue since 1998. We have actively participated in its rise in popularity and in farming-production quality, especially in France, but in other countries as well. Today, Baeri Baïka® caviar can hail from France, China, or Germany. However, the geographical location of the sturgeon farming does not affect the flavours of the caviar. It is actually the species of sturgeon that gives the eggs their unique characteristics.

The sturgeon Acipenser baeri


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