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Choosing Caviar
Choosing caviar means choosing an egg size, colour, texture, and of course, flavour. Each variety has its own characteristics and each type of caviar undergoes its own ageing and selection process that provides its distinct aromas. That's why each tin of Petrossian caviar is absolutely unique.

It's not every day that we're presented with an opportunity to enjoy caviar. We recommend that you come and taste our caviars in our boutiques so that you can compare each specific flavour and make an enlightened choice thanks to the advice of our Caviarologue®.

For novices

Each type of caviar can be recognised by the size, colour, firmness and flavour of its eggs. Beluga has the biggest eggs with a pearly to charcoal grey colour, a creamy, smooth texture, and a characteristic buttery flavour. Slightly smaller in size, the eggs of Daurenki® caviar are bright gold, with a firmer texture and a nutty, roasted range of flavours.

Ossetra has medium-sized eggs with a firm texture and the largest range of colours (from grey-brown to bronze) and flavours (strong brininess, nuts).

A work of art

Baïka® has the smallest eggs (after Sevruga) with a delicate texture and a dark brown colour, and a dominant fruity and mineral flavour.

These rules are to be followed with caution. Our selection and ageing process is what allows the different varieties of caviar to develop their distinct aromas, which we have classed into three categories: Royal (characteristic full-bodied flavour), Tsar Impérial™ (balanced strength, long finish), and Spécial Réserve (elegance, perfectly developed aromas).

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