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Recipes with Caviar

All of the combinations

You can cook with every type of caviar! From Ossetra to Beluga, you can experiment with any flavour combination, as long as you cook it carefully. Caviar does not do well with heat, which is why you should ideally only add it to your dish at the last minute, right before serving. Our caviar creations will widen the range of possibilities by providing new, gourmet uses.

Cooking with caviar and freedom

Pair the power of Baïka caviar with the sweetness of a vegetable or a cream. Create an ode to brine by adorning an oyster with Ossetra caviar. Try a recipe for mushroom and hazelnut risotto or veal tartare with Daurenki® caviar. Whip up the famous recipe for Croque-Monsieur with caviar using Papierusse®, or sprinkle your meat and fish with dried, ground Fleur de Caviar®.

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