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Fleur de Caviar®

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Dried caviar that's meant to be ground
Fleur de Caviar® is dried caviar with a highly concentrated flavour and a crunchy texture. You can use the grains in a mill or whole, to season risotto, eggs, pasta, fish etc. Armen Petrossian invented a top-secret, new way to make this 100% natural, 100% caviar delicacy, without any chemicals or artificial flavours.

- Fleur de Caviar® in a black mill: The black mill allows you to choose between grinding it or using it whole.

- Fleur de Caviar® jar: To be used whole, or to refill your mill.

- Also available in a set, with a traditional mill.
More information about the product
Shelf life: 6 months at room temperature. Do not put in the refrigerator!

Ingredients: sturgeon eggs, salt

Typical nutritional values per 100 grams ¤ Energy: 2052kJ - 492kcal ¤ Total fat: 31g ¤ of which Saturates: 7.6g ¤ Carbohydrates: 2.1g ¤ of which Sugars: 1.3g ¤ Protein: 49g ¤ Salt: 7g

Fleur de Caviar®

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