Vodka and caviar are like wine and cheese, two products that perfectly complement each other. This natural complicity is the occasion to discover subtle pairings and extraordinary harmonies. In the world of gastronomy, it's a classic alliance: the subtle, pure flavour of the Vodka brings out the distinct aromas of the caviar.

The Petrossian tradition

At Petrossian you'll find the different varieties of caviar that you know and love, but you'll also find our selection of Petrossian Vodkas. They're the result of four years of research to find our traditional, family recipe that had disappeared during the war. Today we are proud to present you with this Vodka, as well as other variations such as premium Vodka, Vodka with caviar, or with cherry.

Caviar and vodka pairing

If you decide to serve other food with your Vodka and caviar pairing, we suggest avoiding strong flavours like garlic, onion, etc. Ideally, the experience of pairing vodka and caviar is best enjoyed when not combined with other strong flavours.