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Producing Caviar
To obtain Petrossian caviar, you need of course excellent quality raw materials that are the product of high-standard farming and a well-executed harvest. But sturgeon eggs wouldn't be 'caviar' without the exceptional experience of a few special people who have inherited the ancestral Petrossian know-how.

This demanding and challenging knowledge is similar to that of an artist or designer, and is exactly what Armen Petrossian loves to teach and share with others.

From sturgeon...

Caviar comes from different breeding farms around the world. Once the fish has been caught, the eggs are separated from the membrane that holds them prisoner using a sieve. They are cleaned and salted by hand, and then immediately placed in 1.8 kilo tins called 'boîtes d'origine'. These tins have not changed since 1850, and they are to caviar what casks are to wine. These tins are the first place where Petrossian know-how starts to work its magic. Petrossian caviar

You cannot have caviar without an infinite number of meticulous treatments. Only a few select people are initiated into the ancestral Petrossian know-how. Day after day, using their five senses, they slowly acquire the experience necessary to grade the quality of the eggs, to appreciate their flavour and predict how they will evolve, to orchestrate their ageing and to perform the handling and treatments necessary to finally transform sturgeon eggs into Petrossian caviar.

That's how every day, just like an artist, the Caviarologue® works to create Petrossian caviar with perfect flavours that you get to savour in a mythical container, the Petrossian blue tin.

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