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Mexican Vanilla

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Price per kilo €3,500.00
The intensity of flavour
Mexican vanilla can be enjoyed equally well in a dessert as on marinated scallops. Cultivated in Mexico, the beans come from the orchids of the Vanilla planifolia species and are produced according to agroecology standards.
Petrossian decided to opt for excellence by selecting only the pods that are between 18 and 22 cm, with a humidity rate of 30 to 33% and an exceptionally high rate of vanillin-minimum 3%. Mexican vanilla has strong aromas of fruit, spices, and cocoa that linger on even after cooking.
10 g
More information about the product
Shelf life: 12 months
Storage temperature: room temperature
Packaging: Glass tube and cork cap
Net weight: 10g

Origin: Mexico
Scientific name: Vanilla planifolia
Ingredients: vanilla pod

Mexican Vanilla

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