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The indispensable spoon?

The indispensable spoon?

The mother of pearl spoon seems to be an indispensable utensil for caviar lovers. Is this really the case? Are there other ways to enjoy it? This article invites you to vary the pleasures next time you enjoy caviar.

The best way to taste caviar is with a Mother-of-pearl spoon. Mother-of-pearl, in contrast to metal, helps avoid the oxidisation of the eggs and allows you to detect even the most subtle nuances in flavour. In order to make the selection easier, we offer a wide variety of tasting spoons on our e-shop.

Wood, bamboo, or even stainless steel spoons are also great options for tasting caviar, especially when you want to match your utensils with a more creatively decorated table or an impromptu caviar tasting.

With or without toast?

The question often causes debate among enthusiasts, with some preferring the purity of a caviar tasted by no other means, while other foodies prefer a caviar canapé topped with crème fraîche.

At Petrossian, there are no rules. We believe that caviar has to be enjoyed, above all, the way you like it and that it’s up to each individual to create their own caviar moment. In our restaurant, we have already worked on serving it with a veal tartare, oysters and even chips! So what about you? What caviar combination can you come up with?


Photographs: Aimery Chemin, Anne-Claire Héraud • Culinary styling: Coralie Ferreira

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