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Red King Crab Merus

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Price per kilo €260.00
The best part of Red King Crab
Discover our Red King Crab Merus meat of the Kamchatka Red King Crab. Petrossian has selected the fleshiest, largest, most flavourful piece of crab meat, also known as 'Merus'. This is the biggest knuckle, which is the part of the crab leg that's closest to the body. It's an extraordinary product with a spectacular flavour that's unlike anything else you've ever tried. Purists like to enjoy it on its own to savour its true flavour. It can also be served in a salad or in any type of warm or cold recipe that you can conjure up with your imagination!
200 g
More information about the product
Origin: Fished in the Barents Sea
Ingredients: Kamchatka Red King Crab
Allergens: Crustaceans

Typical nutritional values per 100 grams
Energy: 380kJ
Total fat: 0.8g
of which Saturates: <0.1g
Carbohydrates: 2.6g
of which Sugars: <0.5g
Protein: 18g
Salt: 1.6g

Product sold vacuum-packed, precooked and shelled.
Shelf life: 3 weeks in the refrigerator before opening

Red King Crab Merus

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