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Valentine’s Day Set

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This set contains:
  • 2 Oeil du Tigre® 20g tins of Daurenki® caviar
  • 2 Vodka Petrossian® miniatures 5cl
  • 2 tasting spoons
  • 2 shot glasses
  • 2 tins of chocolate pearls with vodka
  • Presented in a blue collector box with a Petrossian lithography
  • A perfect romantic evening!
    The Valentine’s Day gift set contains everything you need for the perfect romantic evening! Caviar and Vodka are on the menu of this intimate evening for two. The Valentine’s Day set is made up of two Œil du Tigre® caviar domes, two miniature bottles of Vodka, and two boxes of chocolate pearls with Vodka, beautifully packaged in a limited edition gift box.

    Which caviar should you choose?
    The romantic Valentine’s Day set contains Daurenki caviar. The result of the union of two sturgeons from the Amur river, the caviar featured in the Valentine’s Day set is available in two selections:
  • The Royal selection is perfect for your first caviar tasting: firm, medium-sized eggs with a bronze colour and a briny aromatic touch .
  • The Tsar Impérial® selection is perfect for caviar-lovers: large, firm eggs, with a beautiful golden colour and a buttery taste with briny notes and hints of nuts and brioche
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    Gift box included
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    Caviar shelf life: 4 months
    Storage temperature: 0 to 4°C

    Valentine’s Day Set

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