Petrossian Premium Vodka

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The best of Vodka
This Vodka was created after four years of research and was developed in order to rediscover our family recipe that disappeared during the war. The Premium Vodka is the fruit of this effort. To make a good Vodka, you first need a mix of cereals, mostly barley and wheat, whose composition is part of our production secrets. Then comes the distillation which is done continuously, in columns. Several distillations are needed in order to obtain the desired result, which is a pure spirit that's free of any other particles, perfected by successive filtrations using various types of filters. Finally comes the very precise process of mixing it with water that comes from the purest, Northern European sources. The bottle was created by a well-known designer in this field, W. Zoller, and uses all of the codes of the Petrossian brand, including the blue colour, the waves on the iconic tin, and the Petrossian boat that's embossed on a medallion. And to have some fun, little caviar eggs escape from the waves when we tip the bottle to pour out the Vodka. When tasting this Vodka you'll discover a whole variety of aromas and a particularly discreet fire. It's soft, with a long finish, making it the gourmet's favourite Vodka. Armen Petrossian's tasting suggestion: Enjoy pure and ice cold, but not too cold. Take the Vodka out of the freezer 10 minutes before serving it on its own or with specialities from the sea.
1 L
Aromatic notes
souple, complexe
More information about the product
Packaging: glass bottle
Storage temperature: room temperature
Ideal serving temperature: from -2 to 4°C

Alcohol abuse is bad for your health, please consume in moderation.

Petrossian Premium Vodka

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