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Le 7 Eggxiting® Gift Set

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This set contains:
  • 7 Eggxiting® with 12g of caviar
  • 7 individual tasting spoons
  • Presented in a blue metallic collector's box
  • For an improvised aperitif
    Le 7 Eggxiting® Gift Set is the perfect set for a chic aperitif amongst friends. Serve this set with a bottle of Vodka or Champagne to wow your guests! Round, metal, Petrossian box, including 7 Eggxiting® with 12g of Daurenki® caviar, as well as 7 tasting spoons.

    Which caviar should you choose?
    Le 7 Eggxiting® gift set can be personalised with your choice of caviar:
  • Daurenki® caviar hailing from the Amur river has firm eggs and a creamy texture. It’s available in the Royal selection for an initiation to caviar, or in the Tsar Impérial® selection with more delicate aromas, destined for caviar connoisseurs.
  • The famous Ossetra caviar features a wide range of aromas and a perfect, firm yet meltingly soft texture. The Royal selection is ideal for an initiation to caviar. The Tsar Impérial® selection is every caviar-lover’s favourite.
  • More information about the product
    Gift box included
    When ordering online, you have the option to include a personalised note

    Caviar shelf life: 3 months
    Storage temperature: 0 to 4°C

    Le 7 Eggxiting® Gift Set

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