Mint, Lime and Hibiscus Infusion

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The perfect balance between fruit, flowers and herbs
The mint, lime and hibiscus infusion is a perfectly balanced blend of fresh herbs, citrus and flowers. These aromas come together to create an exceptionally perfumed bouquet of flavours and scents. This beautiful, garnet-coloured herbal tea releases complex aromas when poured. You can enjoy it just like a wine, as it pairs surprisingly well with red meat and Asian food. Our tisanes are the result of original recipes that were specially created for Petrossian.
50 g
Aromatic notes
freshness, citrus
More information about the product
Net weight 50g

Ingredients: hibiscus, mint, lime

Packaged in a plastic sachet
Shelf life: 6 months at room temperature

Mint, Lime and Hibiscus Infusion

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