Waffles with caviar and fish eggs

Waffles with caviar and fish eggs

For a gourmet and festive aperitif, make savory waffles and garnish them with caviar, fish eggs and cream. The greediness of the waffles combined with the iodine notes of the fish roe and the creaminess of the cream makes for a very tasty and regressive mixture that the whole family will enjoy. To obtain a pretty and colorful result, alternate caviar, salmon roe, smoked pike roe, lemon cream, herb cream...


Preparation: 30 minutes - Cooking time: 15 minutes

Ingredients for 6 persons



For the garnishes

  1. In a blender, combine half of the fresh cream and half of the dill and blend to obtain a very green cream. Fill a piping bag with it and place it in the refrigerator.
  2. In a bowl, mix the remaining cream with the lime zest, fill another piping bag with it and place it in the refrigerator.

For the waffles

  1. In a bowl, mix the flour with the egg yolks and olive oil, add salt and pepper and pour in the milk little by little while whisking to mix well without making lumps. Add the remaining finely chopped chives and mix.
  2. Beat the egg whites until stiff and fold them gently into the mixture. Heat the waffle tin, grease it with a little olive oil and pour some batter into the waffle moulds.


For the dressing

  1. Once all the waffles have been made, let them cool and cut out strips lengthwise.
  2. Fill the holes of the waffles with the two creams and the different fish eggs and caviar, alternating them, sprinkle with small shoots of purple oxalis and serve.


Photographs : Aimery Chemin - Food styling : Audrey Cosson

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