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Pike Roe with Wasabi

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The latest innovation with a Japanese touch
Discover our pike roe with wasabi. Inspired by our finest selection of pike roe, our experts have developed a range of flavours that are both subtle and delicate. These specialities are made from wild pike roe that's been farmed in the Great Canadian Lakes, then delicately flavoured. This recipe is guaranteed to be free of preservatives and artificial colours. Pike roe with wasabi is delicately flavoured with this famous Japanese condiment in perfect harmony, so that you can appreciate this special flavour without being overpowered by the strength of the wasabi. It can be enjoyed like a maki or sprinkled on a carpaccio of raw fish or thinly sliced scallops. You can also simply enjoy pike roe with wasabi with a spoon or on a slice of toast with a dollop of cream.
100 g
Aromatic notes
aromatic, very slightly spicy
More information about the product
Shelf life: 90 days in the refrigerator before opening

Ingredients: pike roe, salt, horseradish, mustard, wasabi leaf, sugar, water, natural colouring: maltodextrin, copper complexes of chlorophyll of natural origin
Allergens: Fish

Energy: 660 kJ - 157 kcal ¤ Total Fat: 4.2g, of which Saturates: 1g ¤ Carbohydrates: 7.7g of which Sugars: 2.4g ¤ Protein: 22g ¤ Salt: 2g

Pike Roe with Wasabi

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