Petrossian - Founded in Paris in 1920

Smoked Salmon

All the famous Petrossian high-end smoked salmon, since 1935.

raw smoked salmon, before being prepared and sliced.

raw smoked salmon, before being prepared and sliced.

One of the first in France to smoke its own fish in the 1930s, Petrossian has carried on the tradition in its own smoking workshops. The specificity of Petrossian smoked salmon not only lies in the choice of raw material but especially in the expertise that makes all the difference.

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Tsar Cut® - Plain smoked salmon back fillet 37,80 €

Intense smouthness in a generous presentation.

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'Tsar Cut' - Beet marinated back fillet 37,80 €

Taste the beet's sweetness on a superb smoked salmon.

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Dill Marinated Tsar Cut® 37,80 €

Excellency of smoked salmon melt with the fresh and light dill taste.

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Caviar, roe and fish serving

Mother-of-pearl spoon 7,00 €

For caviar and other fish roe

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Blinis and crackers 5,50 €

Especially made to accompany our specialities.

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Horseradish 7,50 €

To be served with smoked fish

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Our customers' preferred

Ossetra Royal Caviar 66,00 €

(price per 30g) The Classic: firm, generous and iodized.

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Red King Crab 29,00 €

Fabulous and unravelled. Ready to be served !

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