Petrossian - Founded in Paris in 1920

Savoury Food

Here is a selection of savoury products available online. Others may be found at Petrossian shops and authorized addresses.

Caviar, roe and fish serving

Mother-of-pearl spoon 7,00 €

For caviar and other fish roe

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Blinis and crackers 5,50 €

Especially made to accompany our specialities.

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Horseradish 7,50 €

To be served with smoked fish

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Selected savoury food

'Pata Negra' Jamon from Barrancos (DOP) 33,00 €

Extraordinary long-matured ham from Portugal

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Truffles 45,00 €

Truffles and truffle preparations in jar

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Russian specialities 8,00 €

A selection of traditional recipes

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Olive oil and Vinegar 6,00 €

High quality and rare seasoning

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Onions jam 13,00 €

Perfect foie gras accompaniment

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Petrossian Tea 11,50 €

Originals and classics

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Chocolate Pearl 'Sonate' gift box 70,00 €

5x45g of chocolate pearls in a metallic showcase.

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Our customers' preferred

Ossetra Royal Caviar 66,00 €

(price per 30g) The Classic: firm, generous and iodized.

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Red King Crab 29,00 €

Fabulous and unravelled. Ready to be served !

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Savoury Food

Salted or sweet specialities available online :
+ Pata negra ham
+ truffles, seasonings
+ chocolates...

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