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Fleur de Maviar®

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Fleur de Maviar® can be used with a whole range of preparations, straight out of the tin or ground over omelettes, fish, sauces, pasta, rice as well as on toast with butter or cream, or on slices of mozzarella.

What is the story behind it ? When the cod fish roes were hot from the smokers, a delicious fragrance would waft from this delicacy across the workshops. Armen Petrossian loved the grilled, dried eggs that spilled out of the roes after the smoking process. The taste remained clear in his memory and that’s why he decided to reproduce it by creating the original conditions used to produce the dried eggs. This is how Fleur de Maviar® was born in 2015.

Shelf life: 6 months between 32 and 39°F (0° and 4°C)
Nutrition facts per 100g (source CIQUAL ): Energy : 1537kJ - 364kcal ¤  Fat : 8,6g ¤ (of which satures : 2,3g) ¤ Carbohydrates: 4,7g ¤  (of which sugars: <0,5g) ¤ Protein : 67g ¤ Salt : 10,5g

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