Petrossian - Founded in Paris in 1920

Foie gras

foie gras with truffle

foie gras with truffle

We have been providing our own French foie gras for more than 30 years. Our foie gras references are available to order online or in our shops. You can also order by phone from our main shop in Paris.

In shop and online

Goose foie gras 95,00 €

High quality whole half-cooked goose Foie gras

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Duck Foie gras 88,00 €

High quality whole half-cooked duck foie gras

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Truffled goose foie gras 410,00 €

whole half-cooked, 3% truffle

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Truffled duck foie gras 180,00 €

whole half-cooked, 3% truffle

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Whole half-cooked foie gras in jar 48,00 €

Traditional foie gras, easy to serve in any circumstances. Goose or duck.

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Our customers' preferred

Ossetra Royal Caviar 66,00 €

(price per 30g) The Classic: firm, generous and iodized.

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Red King Crab 29,00 €

Fabulous and unravelled. Ready to be served !

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From authentic smoked salmon, fish roes, king crab, foie-gras to vodka, order our specialities online !

History of Petrossian

Petrossian has been a French institution for nearly 100 years. His name has
become synonymous with caviar.

It all started in Paris, in 1920...

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