Petrossian - Founded in Paris in 1920

History of Petrossian

In the 1920s, brothers Melkoum and Mouchegh Petrossian had the extraordinarily avant-garde idea of introducing France to sturgeon roe.

The Petrossian brothers, in front of the first shop, in Paris

The Petrossian brothers, in front of the first shop, in Paris

Indeed, the Petrossian family is known for being the first to bring caviar into France in 1920, thus continuing on the path of a family destiny dedicated to caviar since Lazare Mailoff, an ancestor from the maternal branch, began running fishing concessions on the Caspian Sea in 1815.

Paris discovers caviar with Petrossian

The success of their venture far exceeded their wildest dreams. In a country known throughout the world for its gastronomy, caviar became the deliciously exotic food everyone craved.

The Caviar Blue Tin, and other specialities

Petrossian legend was only starting. In the beginning, there was only caviar, but lately in the 30ies came the legendary smoked salmon, then the maviar after World War II, and the Red King Crab. They had in common to be meticulously prepared for the always renewed pleasure of Petrossian's prestigious customers.

A family heritage

Mouchegh Petrossian married the daughter of a former russian caviar entreprenor whose family used to be at the head of fishing concessions on the Black Sea since 1815 : Lazare Mailoff. They gave birth to 4 children. Armen Petrossian, nowadays president of the company is the younger of them, gardian of 200 years of caviar knowledge and familial know-how.

Petrossian caviar, icon of luxury

Since then, from Paris to New-York, Petrossian's caviar stands as an elegant icon and ambassador of real luxury. And Petrossian's name continues to celebrate its particular art de vivre, founded on authenticity, excellency and conviviality.

Caviar in a nutshell

In few words, learn how to choose and savour caviar !

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