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Pressed caviar is a concentrate of flavours, incredible - strong, intense, and deep - taste for wonderful dishes. The roe is compact and looks like paste, its taste being stronger than traditional caviar. Pressed caviar is eaten at room temperature, one hour after being taken out of the refrigerator, to sublimate baked potato served with some crème fraiche, crab and malossol gherkins.

The ancestor of caviar, dating from a time when preserving sturgeon roe was not yet perfected. This was the type of caviar eaten by European queens and kings for centuries. Pressed Caviar, elaborated and reinvented by Armen Petrossian in his own laboratory, is an assemblage of different varieties of caviar. His recipe is a well-kept secret.

Shelf life: 8 weeks between 32 and 39°F (0° and 4°C)
Ingredients: sturgeon roe, salt, preservative E285 ¤ Nutrition facts per 100g (source CIQUAL ): Energy : 1202kJ kcal - 288kJ ¤ Fat: 14g  (of which satures : 3,3g ) ¤ Carbohydrates: 2g (of which sugars: <0,5g) ¤ Protein: 36g ¤ Salt: 4,8g

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