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Fleur d’Argent®

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Fleur d’Or’s alter ego sharing its luxurious black and gold appeal, this product is made exclusively with natural truffles, no artificial flavourings whatsoever, and the finest butter. A frank, delicate flavour with 20% truffle content.

Shelf life: 40 days between 32 and 39°F (0° and 4°C)

Ingredients: salted butter 5 (butter, salt), black truffle tuber melanosporum 20%, salt,  Nutrition facts per 100g (source CIQUAL ): Energy : 2451kJ kcal - 596kJ ¤ Fat: 63g  (of which satures : 43g ) ¤ Carbohydrates: 4g (of which sugars: <0,5g) ¤ Protein: 2g ¤ Salt: 3,1g 

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