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Caviar Powder

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In 2011, Armen Petrossian invented a new product: Fleur de caviar® (Caviar Powder), dried caviar with concentrated flavours and crunchy bites. It can be used ground or even sprinkled whole to sublimate a risotto, scrambled eggs, fresh pasta or fish. Secret manufacturing technique, made entirely with caviar, 100 % natural without artificial flavouring or chemical processes.

Conservation at room temperature, in a dry place.
shelf life : 6 months
Ingredients: sturgeon roe, salt Nutrition facts per 100g (source CIQUAL ): Energy : 2052kJ kcal - 492kJ ¤ Fat: 31g  (of which satures : 7,6g ) ¤ Carbohydrates: 2,1g (of which sugars: 1,3g) ¤ Protein: 49g ¤ Salt: 7g

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