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Baika® Tsar Impérial® Caviar


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Aromatic notes : generous, mild

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A nice treat: 25 à 50g
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Tsar Imperial Baika caviar varies in colour, from dark grey to black. It has a clean taste, with a dominant woody and fruity note for a fresh-tasting flavour. This caviar has a generous kick and is perfect with fruit and seafood.

Acipenser Baeri originally comes from Siberia. Petrossian has been offering this product since 1998 and has taken an active part in developing and increasing the quality of farm production, notably in France and in other countries such as China.

Shelf life: 8 weeks between 32 and 39°F (0° and 4°C)
Latin Name: Acipenser baeri
Common Name: Siberian Sturgeon
Net price per kilo: 2400€
Ingredients: sturgeon roe, salt, preservative E285¤ Origin: farmed in China and Israel ¤ Nutrition facts per 100g (source CIQUAL ): Energy : 1127kJ kcal - 270kJ ¤ Fat: 18g  (of which satures : 4,2g ) ¤ Carbohydrates: 1,1g (of which sugars: 0,7g) ¤ Protein: 26g ¤ Salt: 3.3g

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