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Baïka® Royal Caviar


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Firm 5 /5 Melting

Aromatic notes : bold, mild

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A nice treat: 25 à 50g
Just to taste: 10g

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Baeri Royal caviar comes from the best French, Chinese and Italian farms. This caviar has a fragile texture, with small, firm roe that separate with ease. They are dark in colour. and offer a clean taste from the start, opening up the taste buds to a fruity dominant flavour, followed by beautiful mineral notes, on a very discreet taste of the sea. This caviar is perfect for an aperitif or appetizer.

Conservation : 8 semaines au réfrigérateur
Nom Latin : Acipenser baeri
Nom commun : Esturgeon de Sibérie
Prix au kg : 2000€
Composition : OEUFS D’ESTURGEON Acipenser baeri, sel, conservateur : E285. ¤  élevé en Chine France Israel ¤ Valeurs nutritionnelles moyennes pour 100g : (source table CIQUAL) ¤ Valeur énergétique : 1127kJ - 270kcal ¤ Matières grasses : 18g ¤ dont Acides Gras Saturés : 4,2g ¤ Glucides : 1,1g ¤ dont Sucres : 0,7g ¤ Protéines : 26g ¤ Sel : 3,3g

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