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Our caviar is only available in authorised shops and at Petrossian official websites. Our Paris main shop takes phone order. “Special Reserve” exceptional caviar can only be bought in our parisian boutiques Paris “rive gauche” and Paris “rive droite”.

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Daurenki® Royal Caviar 60,00 €

(price per 30g) Ideal for a first tasting

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Baïka® Royal Caviar 60,00 €

(price per 30g) For those who love it lightly iodized

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Ossetra Royal Caviar 66,00 €

(price per 30g) The Classic: firm, generous and iodized.

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gros plan des grains de caviar Daurenki Tsar Impérial Petrossian

Daurenki® Tsar Imperial® Caviar 72,00 €

(price per 30g) Big bright grain, mild and generous

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Baika® Tsar Impérial® Caviar 72,00 €

(price per 30g) Lightly iodized, generous and mild

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Ossetra Tsar Imperial® Caviar 78,00 €

(price per 30g) Bright, firm, bold and balanced.

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Alverta® Tsar Imperial® Caviar 72,00 €

(price for 30g) A Caviar reference throughout the world

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Beluga Tsar Imperial® Caviar 294,00 €

(price per 30g) Mythical caviar from the rarest and largest sturgeon.

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Caviar, roe and fish serving

Mother-of-pearl spoon 7,00 €

For caviar and other fish roe

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Blinis and crackers 5,50 €

Especially made to accompany our specialities.

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Horseradish 7,50 €

To be served with smoked fish

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